Scheduled for late 2014….Reverence Gospel Media presents

"Shout to The Lord!"

Nothing Compares to The PROMISE...

Every week, twenty-five million people around the world sing “Shout to the Lord” – perhaps the greatest 21st century anthem of the Christian faith. This amazing song now inspires a completely new faith-based film. The great song reminds the believer that “…nothing compares to The PROMISE…” The film will inspire with stories of people clinging to that promise during extraordinary times.

The film weaves a tapestry of faith from four very different lives. These stories connect unexpectedly when the President of the United States calls for a worldwide broadcast event of prayer and worship. In the face of economic collapse, new terrorist attacks, famine in the Third World, a collective cry rises up – one that resonates around the globe, connecting people of every age, race and economic class and religious creed. At the heart of that cry is the acknowledgment that we all need the hope that comes from the promise of God.

We meet Marina, a vibrant young woman on her first mission trip to a war-torn region of Africa. Her once-happy family is beginning to crumble. Her father, a powerful American businessman, battles alcoholism and teeters on the brink of financial ruin.

We see Bakari, a special little boy in a small, famine-wracked African village. Though he's lost virtually everything, he finds the promise of hope through the compassion of others.

Jameel is a young militant being recruited against his will for a mission of a different kind – one designed to perpetuate terror and hatred in the world. He struggles to make sense of it all.

Sgt. Cody Fisher - young, confident and courageous – is wounded while leading his platoon during a vicious attack. He is forced to face intense physical and emotional pain, and to deal with the death of his friends and the aftermath of gut-wrenching trauma.

Under any other set of circumstances – at any other time in history - these four lives would never intersect. A powerful story, compelling characters, epic cinematography and brilliant editing bring them together in a gripping and heartfelt story of redemption, hope, and PROMISE.

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