RGM's Purpose

Reverence Gospel Media was founded to create God-glorifying, life-impacting projects across a wide creative spectrum – faith-based films for theatrical and television audiences, music from some of the most talented and influential Christian artists in the world, live concerts and events, and more.

For more than a century, film and music have deeply influenced American culture, but the voice and perspective of believers was often absent. In recent years, a handful of pioneering faith-based films has awakened an audience of many, many millions.

At first, this audience was eager and willing to watch and hear anything that echoed the statements and themes of their faith. Reverence Gospel Media was founded in response to calls from many in this audience for real excellence…film and music that not only resonates deeply with what we believe, but that reaches for the very highest standards of quality found in the very best movies and the finest, best-produced music we hear and see every day.

Our commitment is two-fold; we will remain focused on glorifying God and will always strive for the highest quality in everything we do.

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